Some random pictures from when I was in Thailand a month ago snorkeling and canoeing. All of this pictures are made with my new digital underwatercamera: the SJCAM SJ4000. I'm very happy with it. Allthough I had a bit of a bummer when I wanted to put all the video's I made with the camera on the computer. I wanted to make a big videoblog from my holiday in Thailand and filmed a lot. The camera didn't show when it was full, so apparently it has overwritten all of my video's! Now I only have 40 left from the 100 :o! I think you can understand I shed a little tear there. I don't know if I will make a little videoblog of these short video's I still have. I will see about that. If I do, I will put it on the blog. I'm so glad I do still have all of the pictures. This is just a little part of it and a lot more will come. Also from my DSLR!

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