Lace green skirt - New Yorker/White bodysuit - Primark/Beige lace-up heels - Primark

Hi loves! Another summer-outfit. I made these pictures almost a month ago, but I didn't post them yet, so here they are! Fall is starting for real right now. I'm kind of excited!


What do you think of the outfit? xx 




 Hi loves! Today I will show you my favoriete hairproducts at the moment:



The first product is a shampoo from L'oréal Paris Elvive. I have been using Elvive shampoo's non-stop for a year now and I absolutely love their scents. Also, the shampoo's from Elvive make my hair very soft. Elvive has a lot of different kinds of shampoo and I always try another one when I have to buy a new shampoo. The one on the picture above is my favorite kind of shampoo from Elvive. I used it when I was on holiday in Turkey. Mostly when I'm on holiday my hair is a mess. It's dry and looks terrible. Because of this shampoo my hair wasn't dry at all and it was actually very soft! I can't recommend this shampoo enough! The shampoo costs €3,79, but I always buy it when it's on sale.



My second favorite hairproduct is actually a product for men. I was out of hairspray and used my boyfriend his gelspray from Taft. My hair stayed in place the whole day! That never happened before. It's also perfect to spray in your hair if your hair gets frizzy during the day. This spray doesn't make your hair heavy, so that's a big plus too! I have never been this satisfied about a hairspray before. You have to try! The hairspray is €4,49 and it's worth every cent ;-).


Do you have any favorite hairproducts? Let me know! xx



Army green cold shoulder sweater: CLICK,     Black cold shoulder blouse: CLICK,     Black crochet cold shoulder top: CLICK,     Blue embroidered leather jacket: CLICK.

Review webshop Rosegal
In this post I will review and inform you about shopping at www.rosegal.com. I have been contacted to pick out some clothingpieces from this webshop. Above you can see my favorite items from Rosegal with the links.

About Rosegal
Rosegal is a China-based webshop selling clothing for women and men, jewelry, shoes, accessories, wigs and other hairrelated items and home decor pieces. I got to choose two clothingpieces. I really had a hard time choosing, because Rosegal has a lot of cute items. These I will show you later. Rosegal offers free shipping, which always is a big plus!

My shopping experience
I really liked shopping at the webshop of Rosegal. They got a lot to offer, so take your time to browse! Rosegal offers clothing for very good prices. The problem with China-based webshops is mostly the sizing. On Rosegal they show size charts with every product. I thought this was very handy.

Shipping time
I placed my order on the 7th of September. I received my order on the 20th of September. The order took 13 days to arrive, which is fine for me.

Review clothing Rosegal
Now I will review the clothingpieces I ordered on Rosegal. 


First, I ordered a pair of striped shorts. The price of the shorts is $14,55. You can find the shorts here: http://www.rosegal.com/shorts/fashion-color-block-stripe-high-waist-bandage-shorts-for-woman-507999.html?lkid=58951

I thought it would be fun to wear the shorts with over the knee boots and a sweater as a transition summer to fall-outfit. 

The quality of the shorts is actually pretty good, which I didn't expect. The shorts are made of a thin fabric: polyester, but because the shorts have double lining they are not see through. I love that the shorts have two pockets on the side.

I ordered the shorts in a size S. Normally I'm also wearing a size S/36 in pants. The shorts are a bit thight on the hips, but overall they fit.
To order from a China-based webshop is always scary, because it's possible you get something that doesn't even look like the picture on the webshop. The colors of the shorts on the picture on the webshop is a bit different. In the pictures on the webshop the shorts are black, white, red and beige. In real life the shorts are black, white, dark red and tan-brown.


The second clothingitem I got from Rosegal is a dress. The dress is $15,64. You can find the dress here: http://www.rosegal.com/bodycon-dresses/long-sleeve-round-neck-floral-print-dress-620573.html?lkid=58951

I don't really like the fabric of the dress. It's very synthetic and it smells. When the dress came in the flower pattern sticked together. Luckily I was able to take it apart easily and it didn't ruin the dress. The dress is just like the shorts made of polyester. The fabric of the dress is thicker than the shorts though. I really like the pattern on the dress.

I ordered the dress in a size M, because I was afraid the size S would be too small at the boob-area. Too bad the dress is too big for me. The waist area of the dress is way too loose. For a pregnant women the dress would be perfect, also because the dress is made of a very stretchy material. I think the size chart with this dress is not reliable. Luckily I can wear the dress as a top too or with a belt around the waist and that way it fits great.

When comparing the pictures of the dress on the webshop with my own pictures I'm coming to the conclusion the dress is exactly the same as on the pictures on the webshop.

Have you ever heard of Rosegal or ordered something from this webshop? I'm very curious about your experience! xx



Denim shorts - Primark/Bodysuit - Primark/Pink fake leather jacket - Stradivarius/Sneakers - Adidas

Hi guys! It has been a long time since I posted an outfit on the blog. If you follow me on Intagram you already saw this picture. You can follow me here: www.instagram.com/fashionoase

I will be more active on my blog again. This is still a summer outfit, but fall-outfits are coming soon! xx

Hallo allemaal! Het is lang geleden dat ik een outfit op mijn blog gepost heb. Als je me volgt op Instagram heb je deze foto waarschijnlijk al gezien. Op Instagram kun je me volgen via: www.instagram.com/fashionoase.

Ik ben van plan weer wat actiever te worden op mijn blog. Dit is een zomerse outfit, maar herfst-outfits zullen gauw verschijnen! xx



I'm back on track sportwise and with that I started looking for healthy snack recipes. I'm currently in a fase wherein I'm eating outmeal every morning, so an outmeal cookie recipe was just in my alley. 

For 10 cookies you need
  • 80 gram of outmeal 
  • 2 banana's 
  • I used peanutbutter to give the cookies some taste. You can also use cinnamon, chocolat, or whatever you like!
What to do:  
  1. Smash the banana's with a fork.
  2. Add the outmeal and blend it, until there are no chunks of banana or outmeal anymore.
  3. Put peanutbutter (or whatever you like) into the mix.
  4. Divide the mixture into smaller portions and put them into the oven on 180 degrees for 15 minutes.
  5. Let the cookies cool down before you eat them, so they can harden a little. 
Ik ben weer begonnen met sporten en daarom wil ik ook weer wat gezonder gaan eten. Ik ben op zoek gegaan naar gezonde recepten voor snacks. Qua ontbijt heb ik vaak fases. Soms eet ik bijvoorbeeld elke ochtend broodjes met pindakaas. Momenteel zit ik in een fase waarin ik elke ochtend havermout eet. Een havermoutkoekjes-recept is dus precies wat ik zocht!
Wat heb je nodig:
  • 80 gram havermout
  • 2 bananen
  • Ik heb pindakaas gebruikt om de koekjes smaak te geven. Je kan ook kaneel, chocola of wat je maar lekker vindt gebruiken.     
Wat moet je doen:
  1. Prak de bananen met een vork.
  2. Voeg de havermout aan het bananenmengsel toe en roer het net zolang tot het een glad mengsel wordt.
  3. Voeg de pindakaas toe (of wat je ook maar lekker vindt!) en roer dit door het mengsel.
  4. Maak kleine porties van het mengsel en leg het op de bakplaat. Stop de koekjes in de oven op 180 graden voor 15 minuten.
  5. Laat de koekjes afkoelen, voordat je ze eet, zodat ze nog iets kunnen verharden.      

The cookies do not look that tasty, but they actually are eatable :)! Ofcourse I like cookies with chocolat chips better, but these aren't that bad. I'm taking them to work or school. They are quite filling, so perfect for a quick snack. 

De koekjes zien er niet super lekker uit, maar ze zijn eetbaar :)! Natuurlijk heb ik liever koekjes met chocoladestukjes erin, maar deze zijn ook wel te doen. Ik neem de koekjes mee naar werk of school. Ze zijn behoorlijk vullend, dus perfect voor een snelle snack.




Happy New Year, loves! I hope you had an amazing New Year's Eve! I changed my blog layout a bit, today. It's not finished yet though, because I have to learn for an exam (again..). After my exam I will finish the rest of the layout. I'm also busy making a list of things I want to do this year. I will post the list on my blog, so I will stick to it more ;-). I told you in my previous blogpost that I would show you what I got for Christmas. I will show you this later. Sorry for the delay!

This is the outfit I wore on New Year's Eve. I absolutely love the details on the neck of this dress! The dress is from Boohoo and the heels are from Primark.


Happy New Year, allemaal! Ik hoop dat jullie een leuke oudejaarsavond hebben gehad! Ik heb mijn blog layout een beetje veranderd vandaag. Ik ben er nog niet klaar mee, omdat ik moet leren voor een tentamen (alweer..). Na mijn tentamen ga ik verder met de layout. Ik ben ook bezig met het maken van een lijst met dingen die ik wil doen dit jaar. Als de lijst af is, zal ik deze op mijn blog plaatsen, zodat ik me er meer aan zal houden ;-). Ik heb jullie in mijn vorige blogpost verteld dat ik jullie zou laten zien wat ik voor Kerst heb gekregen. Hier komt nog een blogpost over. Sorry voor de vertraging!

Dit is de outfit die ik droeg op oudejaarsavond. Ik vind de details bij de nek van de jurk zo mooi! De jurk is van Boohoo en de hakken zijn van de Primark.



Merry Christmas everyone! At the moment I'm preparing myself for the next Christmas party. Busy days, but so cosy! I will show you what I got for Christmas tomorrow! Hope you are enjoying this wonderfull time of the year as much as I do! What are you doing today?

Merry Christmas allemaal! Op dit moment ben ik mezelf aan het klaarmaken voor het volgende kerstfeestje. Drukke dagen, maar wel erg gezellig! Ik zal jullie morgen laten zien wat voor cadeau er voor mij onder de boom lag! Ik hoop dat jullie een leuke kerst hebben! Wat doen jullie op tweede Kerstdag?