What I did on this lovely Sunday? I have been editing my first Youtube-video for about 3 hours :|. I had a course in how to edit videos back in the days when I was still in secondary school. Still knew some of the things they taught me, so that helped me a bit. A week ago I shopped at Primark and in this video I'm showing you what I bought. I will also show the stuff my boyfriend bought. I'm making a few mistakes in my English. Maybe I will be talking Dutch with English subtitles in my next video. What do you think is better? Talking English or Dutch? And when you have any tips or tricks on how to make better video's, tell me! I hope you like it, and if you do; subscribe ;-). xx


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  1. Bummer about the wrong sizes! I think you've done an incredible job on the video girl! Never mind a few mistakes, although I didn't noticed any, though, even native speaker make mistakes honey. Your English is pretty good, no need to worry. But it's up to you and you do what suits you best and you're comfortable with.
    Happy Sunday