Hi guys! I'm back after my big break of not-blogging. I passed my last exam and I achieved to get my bachelor diploma! I'm now in my last year of studying at the university. But now, back to blogging! I'm back,  more inspired than ever. I guess it is because of the changing of the season. I really need to go shopping! 

 A while ago, I received my chosen items from the webshop www.dressin.com The first thing I got is this striped assymetrical skirt. You can find it here: CLICK. I really like it! It is very tight on me, but that's because I didn't look at the size chart. If you look at the size chart before you order you'll be fine!

 Underneath you will find a picture while I'm wearing the skirt:


The second item I choose is a green sequin jumpsuit. You can find it here: CLICK. I'm not that happy with it though. In the picture on the website of the web shop the color was more beautiful. In real life it is a ugly christmastree kind of green! I will not be wearing this, but for this review I made a picture while wearing it:

What do you think of the items? Which one do you like most? Would you actually wear a green sequin jumpsuit like this? xx


  1. Wow..that skirt is definitely a must have!

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  2. Oh, ik vind die rok echt heel erg leuk! Zoiets zou je mij ook zien dragen!