Dress - Primark/Blazer - H&M/Belt - Primark/Boots - Schuurman Schoenen/Hat - H&M

First of all: aaaaaaahhhh! I need to get rid of my frustration about making outfitpictures for my blog. Why does it have to be so hard?! Finally, it's weekend, so I have my BF who could be my photographer. He doesn't like to take pictures, so I practically have to force him (which is also the reason I do not have a lot of outfitpictures..). If he makes pictures, I'm always out of focus or I can't use the pictures, because he makes like 6 photos and none of them show the outfit well. I guess, I will become the weird girl in town soon, who is taping her camera to a pole and takes pictures of herself, or asks strangers to make photos of her..

I know I'm rambling a bit, but had to get this of my chest ^.^! Hope you like the outfit and in the meantime I will be thinking about possibilities to make more outfitpictures, without the help of my BF ;-).