Replica Givenchy fold over boots - Aliexpress (CLICK)

I think you either hate them or love them: Givenchy's fold over boots. I clearly love them. Last year I already dedicated a blogpost on these Givenchy fold over boots. I still like them, so when I saw these replica's on Aliexpress with 54% off, for only $26,31, I had to get them! A big plus is also that $26,31 is under €21/22,-, so I do not have to pay any taxes. Perfect! Can't wait to get them now.. They will be perfect for autumn and winter 2014. Do you like these kind of boots? And have you ordered something from Aliexpress already? I'm curious, let me know! xx

By the way! I don't have a creditcard and I still ordered something on Aliexpress. Do you like to know how I did it? I think I will do a blogpost on that!

Image source: Google

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