1. Elise Ryan dress - here, 2. Club L dress - here, 3. Lashes of London dress - here
4. NLY Trend dress - here, 5. Phenom boots - here, 6. NLY Trend top - here

I have been browsing through my favourite webshops lately to search for some sale-bargains and my wishlist from Nelly is beyond longer than my wishlists at other webshops. You can especially see dresses on my wishlist. Love them! I guess I'm in the partymood with the Volendammer fair coming up. This means 4 days of partying in a row!  Too bad, the boots are sold out in my size :(. I will check it every day if they maybe stock it again. Fingers crossed! I cheated a little bit on this wishlist: I said everything is under €25,-, but the sparkly purple dress (number 3) is €25,95. It just had to be on my list! I think the top actually must be my favourite! They also have it in white and I'm not sure which color to get. Should I go for white or black? Please help me out! xx

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