Pants - Lokal market

It has been quiet around the blog for a while. This has two reasons and one of them is that I was busy painting the house all white for 5 (!!) days. We bought white paint that didn't cover at once. And because we had brown walls before I had to paint the whole livingroom 3 times. After I finished painting, I had to study for some tests I had coming up at the university. The last one is next week, so I have to hang in there for another week.. 
About the pants; I bought it when I was camping last month. We went to the city and there was a market. I was searching for a good black pants for a while and the quilted pieces just made me buy it! Most of the time, clothing with quilted pieces on it are expensive. This pants was only €15,-! There was only one size left; a size 40. Normally I'm wearing size 36, sometimes 38, but I had to make an exception for this one. Luckily, it fits like a 38.
In the picture you can also see my new lamp! My BF and I are giving the apartment a make-over. There will be a little office too! Whenever it's ready, I will show you! But first, study study study!

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