Camping: no toilet, no shower, no closet, no mirror. Is there anything worse for a fashionblogger? Guess not! But it was amazing, to be honest! To bad, I do not have an outfitpicture, but I do have some snapshots through my phone and camera. First, the snapshot through my phone! We were staying for 2 nights on a camping in the north of the Netherlands. Sometimes it rained a bit, but that was ok. The first night was a diseaster, to say the least. There was a big storm outside and my BF and I were sleeping in a tent, which wasn't waterproof. At the last picture, you see Marie from http://cheapassfashion.blogspot.com. She and her BF joined us on our camping trip. Have you ever been camping? I'm curious for your stories ;-)! xx

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  1. HA! Charming picture luckily! It was fuuunnnn! xxxxx