I did a little DIY last week, and I thought why not share it with you! The pictures aren't that great, but well, it will do, right? I got a bag full of clothes from a friend of my mother. There was a very old high-waisted jeans in it. The fit was perfect around my ass, but the legs were way to loose, so I decided to cut it off. This is actually the third jeans I made shorts of. How did I do this DIY?

1) First, I had to put the jeans on, so I could see where I should cut it of. I kept an eye on where the pockets were, and I decided to cut the jeans 2 cm under the pockets. (You can ofcourse measure everything and put lines with a pen on where to cut, but I wanted to do it fast and I didn't mind it to be not that perfect). 

2) Secondly, I cut the jeans from the inside to the outside. I started on the inside a bit lower and I ended a bit higher on the outside of the jeans.

3) You can make it a destroyed high-waisted shorts, if you destroy the bottom of the shorts a bit. I decided to turn the bottom.

Hope I inspired you to do this DIY. Let me know, if you did the same. I would love to see the results! xx


  1. nice idea!
    greetings and have a great weekend

  2. Really great idea! Looks amazing :)

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