Neon shorts - Primark/Blouse - Primark/Sneaker wedges - Van Haren/Sunglasses - Primark/Bag - Ebay

I'm wearing something simple today, because the weather was so great! I spend most of the day in my bikini (which I will show you soon!) and in the evening my BF and I went to a watch-tower from where you have a beautiful view! The sunset was amazing! 
A few weeks ago I finally received the remote I ordered for my Nikon D3200, so I can make more outfitpictures for my blog. I haven't been home untill sunday, so I could finally try it out. I wanted to try it out on the watch-tower with my BF for the first time! I was so excited the remote fell out of my hand and slipped trough the slit. It fell somewhere between high grass, so I couldn't find it.. Damn..
I will order a new one though. That will take another 2 weeks before I can try it out again :(.


  1. You look amazing absolutely beautiful like the outfit great pictures.

  2. Gorgeous!
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